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What we ask you to provide

Clothes that are allowed to get messy!

In order to allow the children to explore and experiment with all different kinds of materials and textures, we request that you send children in clothes that can be easily washed and you don't mind being a little messy! This will allow the children to explore  without us worrying about them getting messy. We will provide aprons for messy play, however, this doesn't always stop them from getting it on their clothes.

A change of clothes!

The children may get wet, or muddy, or messy, or have unexpected accidents. We ask that you provide named spare clothing that can be kept on the children coat hooks in the bag so we can ensure they are in clean and comfortable clothing.. 


We ask that you provide nappies and wipes for children who are not yet potty trained. We would appreciate if these are in a labelled bag with your child's name..

Wellies and Coat!

We would appreciate you sending your children with a named pair of wellies and a waterproof coat so we can go outside whatever the weather!

Slippers/ Indoor shoes!

In order to keep our setting floors clean and dry, it would be helpful if you could provide your children with a pair of slipper or canvas shoes for indoor use only! These can be kept on the children's pegs, so it would be helpful if they are also named.

Winter wear!

During the winter months, the children will need warm winter coats so we can still go outside without them getting cold! We would also appreciate if they had hats, and gloves/mittens!

Summer essentials!

In the summer months, we ask that you always send your children with sun hats and sun cream! We also ask that you apply suncream to your children in the morning before preschool and we can then reapply after lunch, or sooner if needed.

Name tags!

Please ensure all of your children's clothes and belongings are named!


Food -

We will always provide the children with snack in the mornings, this will consist of fruit and a bread product or cereal.

We request that when packing your children's lunch boxes you do not include any peanut products due to the prevalence of peanut allergies.

We may also ask you to not include other items if we have a child with any severe allergies, this will be brought to your attention through email, the new letters or your child's book bag.

We also provide hot lunches for an additional cost. We include meals such as pasta, curry, chicken dippers, sausages..

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