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Play is the highest form of research -

Albert Einstein

Our Activities

At preschool, we have many different fun activities to involve the children in!

We squeeze fruits to try different juices!

In this activity we explore different fruits and discuss our favourites. This is a good way of looking a healthy eating as well as exploring textures, colours and different ways of using tools.


We make bird feeders!

We make these bird feeders out of a toilet roll, peanut butter and bird seeds. This is a good way to give us a chance to talk about nature and how we can help birds and caring for all living things. 

We go on walks in the local area!

We like to take walks in the meadows on quiet days to explore the local area. This is a great way to practice our listening skills, to listen to instructions and the natural sounds of the environment. 


We make art!

When making art we like to be creative and experiment with different tools and different art mediums such as, paint, pencils, crayons, pens etc... This is good for exploring colours, shapes and our imaginations. 

We have fun outside!

Playing outside means we can test our different physical skills whilst being creative and using our imaginations to create our own fun, like creating obstacle courses. This also aids our team work skills and gets the children to work together. 


We bake!

We love to bake all different things such as, cakes, biscuits, scones etc.... This is a good way of teaching the children different skills such as, measuring, weighing and using different tools - as well as having new experiences. 

We dress up!

We have dress up clothes for children to dress up day to day and have fun role playing and using their imaginations and acting out different roles. We also sometimes have specific days where we all dress up together... this was Superhero week.


We grow vegetables!

Growing vegetables is a new and different experience for a lot of children. This teaches us to care for different things and take responsibility. 

And many, many more fun, engaging and educational activities!

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